Sunday, 12 August 2007

Redbourn 07

Yesterday we went to the Redbourn Festival to see Feeder play live. As they are recording a new album at the moment, they only played at Loch Lomond (Scotland) and in Redbourn. Small festival, Redbourn had the advantage to be less than an hour drive from home, even with the road works on the M25.

Small festival means no queue for the bathroom, or for food, being able to "set camp" (lay down a blanket and sit on it) close to the stage. Loads of security and police, cleaners collecting garbage frequently, people coming for an afternoon of music in the great outdoor with their families from babies in nappies to grand parents.

As Feeder was headlining, we only arrived at 7pm, and the weather was mild, it even got colder in the evening (I think I got a cold)

I left DBF play with his new go cam for PSP, but the video/sound is a bit crapoholic, so this is the most decent screen capture of the band arriving on scene.
Today we are both very tired as expected...

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Lauren said...

Sounds like you had a good time! I hope you don't really have a cold.


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