Saturday, 4 August 2007

Harvest Moon Boy and Girl

Yesterday I got the very much anticipated Harvest Moon Boy and Girl just like Lauren did. DBF got me Harvest Moon innocent Life on PSP for my birthday, and I spent 2 weeks playing that game any moment I could.

When I read that the PSP would have a new Harvest Moon game at the E3 convention, I got very excited. So imagine my deception when I started the game and saw the blurry pictures, and that it was mostly Harvest Moon DS, minus the handy rucksac view.

Reading further this morning, it looks like this is actually PS1 games ported to PSP !!!!

I'm used to Nintendo recycling their games from one console to the next (see Mario 64 on DS), but Sony, and especially the PSP usually have original games. Even God of War isn't the original Ps2 game but a new game specific to PSP. So was Harvest Moon Innocent Life.

If in Innocent Life you have an added dimension of saving the island, and a good tutorial, if you are new to Harvest moon and try Boy and Girl, how are you supposed to know what to do? They leave you wandering in the village with no useful indication... Plus the "equip" and "bag" are very small...

I will play it a little more and see if it gets interesting, but I don't have much hope...

The good side to it is that I won't be addicted to the point that I won't stitch anymore ;)

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Lauren said...

I was pretty disappointed, too. But then, I've been pretty disappointed in the PSP all along - besides Loco Roco, there's not much I play on it anymore.


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