Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Snapshot of my mind : pre-move

I'm living in limbus. Not really here anymore, not really there yet. And I can't be bothered. That's DBF's soothing influence.

It's weird to imagine that in a few months my house will not be my house anymore, my drive to work, work itself, will be different. I try to imagine how it will be like in the new place, how my days will be, probably not much different than now, except for the change of scenary.

I don't feel so concerned about my bad neighborhood anymore. Soon all that will go bye bye. And I don't want to imagine the worse about the new neighborhood either.

I tend to make plans as to what I will do, where I will go later, once I moved.

And I try not to think about all the things I'll have to do to be out there, in my "perfect mind picture". All the services to move. Packing/unpacking boxes. Both at home and work.

A brand new world. But not yet....


Lauren said...

I'm glad you're not too stressed out yet. I hate the packing and moving part, but I love unpacking and figuring out where to put things. I hope you won't have too many bad things to discover about your new neighborhood.

Lili said...

I know you've been looking forward to that move for a long time so I think it will be fine.
Take care, Lili


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