Saturday, 18 August 2007

A week at a time...

This week has been so busy, I finally understand how some people can't be on the net for periods of time !

When i woke up on Monday morning, I was eager to plan the whole week, with speaking to the Removers, Sollicitors, put my present house onthe market, etc... My great hopes were smashed down with the sollicitor delaying things. So I was already making plans to sign contracts after the holidays.

To top it up, I got garbage stuck under my car, and I think something is still stuck as my car has that weird burnt smell underneath, and I came back home after work to find my house covered in blackberries.
For once we were able to see who did it, and go to the parents.

So until Wednesday I thought I could concentrate on my demanding job, but in the afternoon everything crumbled on my head at once. The sollicitor was ready and wanted me to come on Thursday, and I had to go to the new house to say what was staying in it, and I had to do an emergency CHAPS to the sollicitor right after work (after a stop at home to get my passport).
Head/neck pains came in because of stress of course.

Thursday happened according to plan, with a bit of stress from my boss in the morning as he asked me stuff that I wasn't supposed to do, but he must have realised he stressed me out as he told me I was doing a great job at lunchtime.
So in the afternoon we when to the sollicitors, and then met the lady selling the house, and I got extra furniture. It was welcome because that house has less built-in cupboard space than where I am now, and they are all pine.

Everything was falling into place, and even the letting agency came to take pictures and put my house on the market yesterday !
Unfortunatly this week was marked by intense headaches, and DBF is still in back pain...
Now we will concentrate on travelling to France and rest....


Anonymous said...

It's a good thing that so many things got arranged before your holidays. Enjoy. Ann

Lili said...

Yes, tht's right. I'm glad that you can enjoy your holiday with less weight on your mind.
I'll contact you soon.
HUgs, my friend,

Lauren said...

I'm also glad so much got done before your holidays! I hope this week is much less stressful!


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